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Aroma Cake Boutique is the home of mouth-watering fusion cakes and baked treats, inspired by delicate flavours from India and the Middle East.

With our distinctive balance of exquisite floral notes and warm, fragrant spices, Aroma is the perfect choice for an afternoon tea, party or wedding event.

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Pistachio. Saffron. Rose. Cardamom. Star Anise.

We use some of the world’s most prized and delectable ingredients to bake our sumptuous cakes, fit for a Mughal Emperor.

We offer a deliciously spiced range of eye-catching cupcakes, loaves, tea cakes, tarts, scones and madeleines.



Gluten foods (2)



Dietary Restrictions & Preferences

Whether you are a cake-lover avoiding gluten or you long for a beautifully spiced egg-free cake, please contact us and we will do our best to satisfy your craving!

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Quality Ingredients.

Here at Aroma we are committed to using high quality and ethically sourced ingredients, wherever possible.

We seek spices as close to source as possible and only use free-range eggs in our luscious treats.